Power System

Power System

Hobart Ground Power & Houchin – an ITW Company, USA, is represented in UAE by Emirates International Diesel Equipment Hobart has over 50 years of experience in Power Conversion Technology and is one of the major manufacturers of Ground Power Units with a global presence.

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Hobart 4400
Hobart engine-driven products

The Hobart 4400 is a mobile, diesel-powered GPU that’s ideal for supplying power to all aircraft at places wherever you need an independent external power source. Hobart 4400 units are easy to move to where you need them – remarkably tough and supremely reliable.

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JetEx 6D, 28 V Diesel
Hobart JetEx® 6D - 28,5 VD

The JET-EX6D offers the same quality and reliability which JET-EX owners have become accustomed to. Some new features include 'suicide doors' for larger maintenance access, greater fuel efficiency and a Tier 3 compliant Engine. 
Performance Features: Low Emission Certified Engine (Tier 3) Lift-off doors and removable panels provide complete access to engine, generator and co

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GPU400&600, solid-state
Hobart GPU-400 & GPU-600

The Hobart GPU-400 and GPU-600 Solid State ground power units provide precisely regulated 28.5 volt DC service with minimum noise.
These reliable solid state GPU’s are equipped for engine starting in the current limiting “soft start” mode recommended by most airframe manufacturers.
Specifically developed in response to customer needs, the GPU-400 and GPU-600 supply t

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60-90 kVA GPU
Hobart 60CU20 & 90CU420

Rugged-Compact & Efficient Design:

The 60CU20 & 90CU420 provide a much quieter and more fuel-efficient power system. The new low profile design, combined with our rugged 5th wheel steering, provides superior visibility and maneuverability in today’s congested ramp area.

The reduced fuel confumption rate provides fuel cost savings and reduces engine emission

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140-180 kVA GPU
Hobart 140CU20 & 180CU20

Clean, Reliable & Efficient Design 

The CU20-series offers an innovative cooling system, designed to operate within the engine installation requirements to meet all engine emission standards, and a digital “SENTRY” control system providing a comprehensive approach to GPU control, trouble  shooting and service tracking. The low profile design, and 5th wheel steeri

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