Daewoo Engine-Korean origin engine is your go-to source for Mechanical Solution Engines in Generator Application. Thanks to our abundant & advanced engineering expertise, we, Daewoo Engine is very proud to help you find the most & realistic solution for Diesel engine & Gas engine in your business. Powerful & advanced in engineering and technology, Daewoo Engine meets Tier 2 emission guideline along with power range beyond 2000kW for Diesel Engine as well as Gas Engine up to 510kW(Prime, 60hz), We, together with you, will lead the market and promise to jump up your successful business with Daewoo Engine' reliability, customer driven flexibility, expert knowledge and experienced.

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Prime Power 10kVA up to 3000kVA & Prime Power 120k
Daewoo & E&G POWER

Diesel Engine Range:

Prime Power 10kVA up to 3000kVA

Gas Engine Range:

Prime Power 120kW up to 550kW

Lower emissions:

Compared to diesel engines, natural gas

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