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zoomlion-sanitation zoomlion-sanitation

Zoomlion was founded in 1992 and one of their first products were concrete pumps. Italian construction equipment maker Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio SpA or Cifa, and British construction equipment manufacturer Powermole are subsidiaries of Zoomlion. The purpose specific concrete machinery range of Zoomlion products.

hobart-houchin hobart-houchin

Hobart Ground Power & Houchin – an ITW Company, USA, is represented in UAE by Emirates International Diesel Equipment Hobart has over 50 years of experience in Power Conversion Technology and is one of the major manufacturers of Ground Power Units with a global presence.

chl-heli chl-heli

HELI was founded in 1958 in China and become leading brands of series Forklift trucks in China such as Diesel (1Ton – 25Ton, Electric (1.6 Ton – 2ton) & LPG (1.6Ton - 3Ton). The products’ comprehensive performance is in the leading position at national level, and reaches international advanced level.

manitex-international manitex-international

Manitex Inc is a leading producer of truck mounted cranes (boom trucks), sign cranes and trolley boom unloaders in North America under the widely recognized brand names Manitex, Skycrane and USTC. markets and manufactures a variety of specialty industrial forklifts and vertical or telescopic mast rough terrain lift tru...

cascade cascade

Cascade - was founded early 1940s in Holland, during the past 60 years, the field of materials handling has developed into a highly sophisticated and important part of industry. As the global leader in lift truck attachments, forks and accessories, Cascade Corporation has played an important part in this growth and dev...

motor-gold-oil-lubricants motor-gold-oil-lubricants

From Motor oils to gear oils, two-stroke and tractor oils through to hydraulic fluids and industrial oils: Brand lubricants from MOTOR GOLD have been confirmed suitable for all the specific requirements of automotive and machinery manufacturers.

bucher-municipal bucher-municipal

Bucher Municipal is a leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles for street cleaning, snow removal and garbage collection for public and private spaces. It is a division of Bucher Industries AG. Bucher Municipal?s offerings today include a wide range of compact and truck-mounted sweepers, winter maintenance eq...

daewoo-and-e-g-power-generator daewoo-and-e-g-power-generator

Daewoo Engine-Korean origin engine is your go-to source for Mechanical Solution Engines in Generator Application. Thanks to our abundant & advanced engineering expertise, we, Daewoo Engine is very proud to help you find the most & realistic solution for Diesel engine & Gas engine in your business. Powerful & a...

e-z-go-textron-company e-z-go-textron-company

Since 1954, E-Z-GO® has stood at the forefront of electric-vehicle technology and innovation in the golf industry. E-Z-GO provides complete solutions to keep your customers happy and your bottom line growing.

cushman-textron-company cushman-textron-company

For decades, Cushman has been helping you make shorter work of your daily to-do list. Whether you need more utility from your vehicle or a reliable way to get from here to there, you can count on Cushman.

bad-boy-buggies-textron-company bad-boy-buggies-textron-company

Bad Boy Buggies builds vehicles that help you bag your limit by bringing no bark and all bite to your hunt. Only Bad Boy Buggies allows you cover miles of rugged terrain without alerting nearby game.

hesco hesco

HESCO is the original developers of earth-filled barrier technology. Since 1991 our products have been deployed in the most hostile parts of the world, saving countless lives and billions of dollar worth of mission critical assets. We are protect homes from nature’s fiercest storms; keeping emergency routes ...

j-b-aviation j-b-aviation

J&B Aviation are all part of ITW GSE which is the leading supplier of “GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT”. It is represented in UAE by “Emirates International Diesel Equipment”. It has over 50 years of experience in Power Conversion Technology and is one of the major manufacturers of Ground Power Units with a g...

kaup kaup

Kaup has its origin in Leider, an urban district of Ashaffenburg founded in 1960.KAUP attachments turn every forklift into a multifunctional all-rounder with many talents because its Sideshifters, Fork Positioners, Clamps, etc. solve nearly every material handling task. This is made possible by the unique modular const...